Butterfly Makeup

Keyword: butterfly, eye makeup, monarch butterfly

I saw one of these butterflies the other day and was inspired.  So I knew I had to find a butterfly photo to share with you all.  Isn’t it beautiful? I just love the blend of colors. This is a look you could wear every day, minus the butterfly outline on the end!

A diva in the making!

Keyword: mini-me, Meghan

Little Miss Meghan has made it to my blog again! A few months back I posted about how she took the scissors to her own hair…more than once.  Now, here I am to show off how cute my little cousin (or soon to be cousin since she is actually my fiances cousin) really is.   Full Story »

Make-up for your pets


Keyword: animals, lipstick, eat

If you’re a pet owner, you best remember to put away all your make-up.  If you happen to leave something behind there is a good chance your furry little critter is going to get it’s hands on it. I mean, they just want to look as pretty as mommy does….right?  It’s so hard to get mad at them too. Just look at their pretty little faces!


Maybe we should take the time to get our pets all dolled up once in a while.  I mean, what would be the harm, right?


Now I hope you all enjoy your weekend with your furry little critters!

How would YOU recreate this look?

Keyword: eye shadow, wing, how to

I found this beautiful piece of art work on line and I am obsessed. Whoever did this really took their time in making it perfect. I just love the way it fades into the lid. And the wings on the bottom lash line really make the eye pop. I think one of my favorite parts is the fact that they left the rest of the eye naked.  It really forces your eyes to draw right to the awesome perfect lines and  shading.


So now I ask…how would You recreate this look? Comment below and let us know! :)

On your teeth!


Keyword: lipstick, teeth

Nothing irks me more than to see a woman smile to reveal her lipstick smeared all over her pearly whites. Do you not check the mirror before you leave? And why does no one help these women out? Why do they let her go about her day like this? There is a simple solution to this. After applying lipstick, simply take your index finger and place it in your mouth with your lips sealed shut. Slowly pull your finger out. Waa-laa! No more lipstick on your teeth! It’s an amazing thing people…not to mention, a very seductive move :)  Now I beg you, take the oath of never letting a poor lady walk around like this!



Artwork at it’s best

Keyword: chalk, chalking, hair chalking, art, masterpiece


Back in September, I posted about a new trend just starting out called “Hair Chalking.”  Well, now it has totally taken off and we are seeing it EVERYWHERE!  It started out as a fun way to temporarily color your kids hair for fun.  Or a way your teenager can have that pink hair she’s been begging you for.  It was fun, it was cute…now its hot and it’s sexy and it’s here for stay (at least for a little while!)



In my last article about it I mentioned you could use regular sidewalk chalk.  Well, this is true…you can! But if you want more vibrate colors (and more variety) you should use artist chalk. You know…..that chalky stuff you used in art class when they were teaching you about shading!  You can find it in any arts and craft store.  The rules are the same- wet the chalk, apply it to hair, spray with hair spray for extra hold.  Some will say that if you go over the area with a flat iron after chalking it, it will lock it in better.


You can really create a ton of awesome looks with this!  Check these out- Full Story »

Red White & Blue

Keyword: memorial day hair, red white blue hair


Since Monday is Memorial Day and we all have a long weekend filled with parties and celebrations. I thought posting some Memorial Day inspired hair would be fun!



This cutie has wrapped hair in red, white, and blue.  What a great way to show pride in your country!



This guy has the right idea!  Just paint a big ol’ flag on your head!  Sure is an attention getting!



Isn’t that a cute clip? Dress up your hair with some rw&b headbands and clips if you are not game for coloring your own hair ;)



Or you can show off your patriotism with some makeup!  What do you think of this Memorial Day inspired eye look?