If lips could talk….oh, wait…

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The Met Gala is where you can find all the major stars in both entertainment and fashion all on one red carpet. The annual ball took place last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I will let weFASHIONny cover the fashion part of this!  I’d like to cover the red lips!  It was hard to miss them.



Seemed that deep wine stained lips were all the rage last night. Some pulled it off better than others, but in my opinion I think it is a very bold choice to make and I respect anyone who can even remotely pull it off.



I just love seeing this many beautiful ladies in all different versions of the deep lip.  So much inspiration on one carpet!



After seeing all these beautiful celebrities rocking this look, I think I might bring it back to my own make-up routine. It certainly is a bold look and it really makes a great statement!



Props to all these beautiful women and their makeup artist for starting a new trend!

Congrats to my cousin

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Congratulations to my cousin, Samantha and my new cousin Ryan on their marriage! Despite the down pour of rain and thunder that began just before the ceremony ended, it was a beautiful wedding!  I have never seen two people smile so much!

Samantha looked absolutely stunning. She decided to wear her hair up since we knew it was either going to be hot as hell, or rain that day.  I think she made an excellent choice.  She had her hair pulled up in curls, the viel sat right under the curls and she softly swept the front back to the side.  I tell you, her hair didn’t move all night!

To the Bride & Groom: I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.  I hope you smile every day like it is your wedding day! Ryan- Welcome to the family!!



There is nothing better than to celebrate your happiness and your love with your family!

There is also nothing better than dancing with your 7 year old cousin on the dance floor!!

Baby Bangs….no joke!

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Okay, so my fiance actually found this article.  He said to me when I woke up this morning “I found a good article for you” as he laughed.  He then said “baby toupees”  So I thought it was one of those funny sites that places ridiculous toupees on babies and adds funny captions underneath.  I laughed and said I would check it out.


When I clicked onto the site I at first was in shock…and then as I sat there looking it over I made the decision that I actually think this is a cute idea!! They are called Baby Bangs.


They were made for those little girls who have not yet grown in their hair. Unless you dress your child in pink, people don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.  Well with these Baby bangs they won’t be mistaken.  Basically its just a headband with hair.  It was designed by a grandmother for her grandchild.

You can order it to the color you want, and size you want to fit your child.  You might this it’s ridiculous…I think it’s adorable lol.   If you want more info on them you can visit their website at www.babybangs.com

It almost looks painful!

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I can’t really seem to find any information on this girl. All I can say is that she is plastered all over the internet for having the longest eye lashes in the world.  Whether or not it is real or not, I have no idea…but it is pretty interesting. I wonder how many tubes of mascara she goes through ;)

If you are trying to become famous out if this, I get it. But isn’t it annoying?  How do you see?? Do you have to comb them? What about cleaning? Do you shampoo them in the shower? Do they get greasy like a head of hair does? When you have a fancy event to go to, do you curl them, or put them in an “updo”? I have so many questions, and no one to answer them!! Click ‘more’ to see the rest of the pictures.

If any one has any more information on this girl, please send it to us! Full Story »

Makeup Tutorial gone bad

Keyword: makeup tutorial, fat cat, kitty


If you are getting to know me through my posts at all, you may have already learned that I am a cat lover. So I definitely couldn’t resist posting a video like this.  This poor girl was trying to film a makeup tutorial when her fat kitty, Isaac decided he was not getting enough attention. I love when he has his paws wrapped around the nail polish remover bottle. But nothing beats the end when he clearly doesn’t like his face blocked by her makeup.



And just because I can’t get enough of this little monster, here’s another one…



Can you believe how well trained he is?  I had a cat who could sit and shake hands.  She did it all the way up to age 17 when she started losing her hearing.


weSTYLEny sends lots of love to Isaac the ‘makeup hating kitty’!!

This girl is good!

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Please excuse the language at the end. I couldn’t help but post this!  This takes me back to high school when all the popular girls looked like this! :)

Time to shave that head!

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It’s that time of year again! The time of year where you will be seeing lots of bald heads!! Here I thought I would give you a list of some of the events coming up…just in case you feel daring enough ;)


3/17/12- 200 Fifth Restaurants & Sports Bar: Brooklyn, NY

3/18/12- The Downtown Cafe: Glen Cove, NY

3/20/12- Calhoun High School: Merrick, NY

3/27/12- Amity Hall,: NY, NY

3/31/12- Trinity Bar and Restaurant: Floral Park, NY

4/21/12- Bayport Blue Point Supports St. Baldrick’s at Cavanaugh’s: Blue Point, NY



Those are just a few of the places to go and get yourself a sweet buzz-cut this month!  Check out local bars and schools around your to see if they are holding any events!  Happy shaving!