What will YOU be?

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Only a few more days until Halloween! I hope you have your costumes picked out already. Whether you choose to be a cute little kitten, or a scary flesh eating zombie, the make-up is just as important as the costume itself. Halloween is actually my favorite holiday. To me it is more important than my birthday!  I usually spend between 5-8 hours on my man’s makeup. He is such a good sport!  Last year he was Freddy Kruger and the year before, a head to toe burn victim. I cannot disclose what we will be this year because I always keep it a secret but it’s gonna be good! So now I want my fans to get creative. I want to see what you can come up with. Send us your halloween make-up photos. Maybe I’ll even post my favorites in a later article…how fun would that be? I hope now I’ve inspired some of you to do something more original than just a store bought costume ;)

Do you feel guilty?

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The bond between a hair stylist and their clients can be very strong sometimes. We try to keep a business professional relationship with all our clients but when we hear about so much of their personal lives it’s hard not to make a connection with some of them. I know there are plenty of my clients out there that would consider me a “friend” to a certain extent. I am told on a regular basis “I will NEVER go to anyone else but you!”  While that is extremely flattering, I always take it with a grain of salt.  There are so many reasons why a client might have to see another stylist. It doesn’t always mean they like someone else better. In fact, if I am unable to take a client when they are in need of having their hair done, I have a good friend who I always refer them to. I’m not threatened. I don’t get offended if one of my regulars comes in and I notice their last cut was not by me. I don’t take walk-ins, so I understand there are going to be those clients that need something last minute and will need to go somewhere else for a quick service. I never make my clients feel guilty for doing so.  I would prefer them to wait if they can, but I understand the busy-ness of peoples lives. Personally, I don’t think you should ever feel guilty if you “cheat” on your hairdresser.

Pimples are never fun, even for celebrities

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Her friend is sitting right there! how does she not give her the heads up?    How do you sit in the passenger seat of Mileys car and not tell her that the area where she just popped a pimple, now has a little bit of blood oozing out of it… It takes 2 seconds, hand the girl a napkin for crying out loud! You know her photo is being takes the second she steps out of her house, so why not do your part as a friend to make sure her skin is looking okay.



Miley clearly had a no makeup, relaxing, free kind of day yesterday-  One of those roll out of bed, throw something on quick, walk outside, drop the top on your $100,000 Mercedes and go get fast food, we’ve all been there… well, minus the Mercedes part haha!    Truth is, I love seeing celebrities in their natural state like this, it reminds the rest of the world that they’re normal people just like we are.



DailyMail put these 2 pictures side-by-side to show her skin in the nude on the left, and all done up at an awards show on the right.   We all know Miley is an attractive girl- when she wants to bring it, she brings it. And for those times where she just wants to relax and be free, she can do that too, at the risk of being ridiculed by the media of course.



As for her leaky pimple issue- I’ll share my little secret with you Miley:   For those MUST-POP pimples(because we all know we’re not supposed to be touching our face), I always blot the area down with some cold water several times.  Once I do that, then I dab a little astringent onto a cotton ball, and dab that over the open pimple.  You may feel a light sting, which is the alcohol touching the ‘open wound’,  don’t panic, its temporary, and it helps remove any bacteria that might be on the skin surrounding the pimple-   you don’t want bacteria hanging out around an open pimple, that’s asking for trouble.


Pimples stink, we all get them, they almost always pop up at inconvenient times, but it’s a part of life unfortunately.  Just make sure you don’t go clawing at your face and cause damage! If you MUST pop a pimple, make sure to treat it with care and you’ll notice much less redness when you’re done.



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Okay, so I admit my secret!  When it comes to my own personal make-up, I go for “cheap” and easy to find items. Don’t get me wrong, when working with Brides or on set of a film or shoot, I always make sure to have my top quality make-up handy. But I’d go broke if I were to use all the same stuff on myself on a daily baises. So over the years, I have found some basic make-up that really works wonderfully. So I thought that every once in a while I would share with you some of my favorite products.   Full Story »

How to pull it off


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If you are going for simple, plain black then the key is to keep your nails at a short, but not stubby length.  If they are too long you can look like something out of a Halloween movie, and if they are too short you risk them looking eve shorter with the dark color. Full Story »

Look how pretty!

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Ooooooh, look how prettttty!  These are perfect summer nails, don’t you think?  I know my girl over at wePRIDEny will love them! How do you get nails like this?  Simple!  it’s the marbleizing technique I posted a few months ago.  Don’t remember?  Click here! Rainbow Brite would absolutely love nails like this, don’t you think?


All you need is a cup of water, scotch tape, toothpicks, and your nail polishes.

Check out these NEON rainbow nails.  Oops….did I say neon?  That’s illegal, no? ;)


What goes great with these nails? Some rainbow swirled cupcakes!  Find out how to make those at weEATny.com


A new trend even pre-schoolers can do!


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Did you ever think you’d be going into a 6 year olds craft box to color your hair? Not sure who came up with this trend, or how it was thought of, but it is genius! Anyone can do it…which means it is not a money maker if you are a stylist or salon owner, but it sure looks fun.  All you need is some pastel chalk, a little water and some hairspray.  It only lasts until you wash you hair, which means you can change the color daily. What’s more fun than that? Now excuse me as I go raid my nieces craft supplies…HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! :)