No one does it better than Kim


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This is always a classic look in my book. Not to mention a great way to wear your hair when you don’t feel like washing it. Say “eeewwww” all you want. As a hair dresser we all know its not healthy to wash your hair every day. I usually go every three days myself. And for the third day I am usually sporting a pony pouf! It turns a regular ponytail into something much more dramatic and put-together.  So tease away, and add a little height to your day!

Potential damage to your hair


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It’s a nervous habit that almost all of us have been guilty of at one point in our lives, but if you make twirling your hair an every day occurrence, it could seriously damage your hair! Too much handling of your hair in this manner can actually begin to break your hair and you run the risk of it not growing back! I actually have a client who is guilty of this and if she reads this, she knows this is about her ;)  She has beautiful hair down to her waist, but one small section where she has been twirling so much, that she now only has about 5 inches of growth. I’ve been trying to break her habit by scaring her that it is only going to get worse, but unfortunately I am not a therapist (even though clients seem to tell me everything lol). So if you find that you are making it too much of a habit, try to get yourself help to quit it before you ruin your beautiful locks!

Long, layered locks

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Hair trends change on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis. Bobs will come in and out of style, pixies will do the same….but there is one kind of cut that will always remain a classic in any decade!



Long, layered locks work on almost any age group and are simply timeless. There are just so many things you can do with this type of hair that there would be no reason for this look to ever be only a trend! Hair styles like braids, buns, ponytails, waves, curls…can all be utilized with long locks. There is just no wrong way to wear long hair.



In fact, I missed my long hair so much that I am currently growing it out! The bob was fun for a while, but looking at old photos of my long luscious hair made me miss the days of being able to do anything I wanted with my hair. I am well on my way too!  Current status- just past my collar bone!!



Remember to have long beautiful hair, its important to keep it healthy!  Go for regular trims, condition your ends well, and protect it from heat when blow drying and flat ironing!

Bet you can’t guess who this is…


Keyword: child star, Jonathan Lipnicki

Yup, that’s right!! That little cutie from Jerry Maguire is allllll grown up (and thats an understatement!). Remember how cute he was? “The human head weighs 8 lbs!” Here is Jonathan Lipnicki now at the ripe age of 21 posing for a photo for the Daily News…and looking oh-so-chiseled. Currently an aspiring filmmaker he says that he keeps his body in shape with Jiu Jitsu.  I’ll take some of that Jiu Jitsu, please….with a Jonathan on the side! hehe

A simple hair accessory

Keyword: hair bow, Urban Outfitters, hershesons

We all remember when everyone was trying to mimic Lady Gaga’s hair bow by actually making a bow out of their own hair.  Well, I am glad that trend is over! But here is a cute way to clip your hair back :)  Urban Outfitters now sells these Hershesons Small Hair Bows for $42 a piece.  Choose from blonde, black, brown, or pink.


Totally cute, but I do wish they had a few more colors to choose from. Make sure to keep the bow in its original little case when you are not using it. Accessories like this can get easily ruined.  They last thing you want is for it to look like a hot mess.

You think she’s a natural blonde?

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Don’t you just love it? Watch how calm she stays while she puts the eye shadow on! Doggies want to feel pretty too!


Send us your videos of your pets putting on make-up.  Maybe your furry friend will end up on our site!

Tiquan Underwood is that’s for sure

Keywords: superbowl, nfl, superbowl haircut

Tiquan Underwood of the New England Patriots tweeted this pic of his new Superbowl haircut-  Kudos to the Barber for his creativity and talent!  That takes a steady hand, a good eye, and a confident client haha.     And as a little cherry on top, here are a couple pics of his regular everyday haircut-   what a character :)

Tiquan Underwood is a 24 year old Wide Receiver for the Patriots, who are set to square off against our hometown New York Giants this Sunday-   While my fiance couldn’t pull this look off,  I’d say Tiquan is killing the High-Fade look better than I’d expect anyone in 2012 to.