Like a bad accident, I can’t stop staring

Keyword: suntan, tan skin, child tanning, skin cancer

There are two things wrong with this video-

1- the fact that the mother let her cute, fair skinned daughter go tanning with her

2- no one should ever be that tan!


When I first saw the thumbnail to this video, I thought it was going to be a black woman who had adopted a white girl. When I watched it, I realized that the woman was white too!! Is it even possible for white people to get that dark? There is nothing natural about this!! As I watched it I started wondering if she really had tan skin or if she was just a huge blob of melanoma skin cancer.


I am all for looking a little sun kissed.  A healthy glow can be good for you. But this woman just took it too far!  And her daughter is beautiful and so cute.  It’s a shame that she is going to grow up thinking that tanning is just a way of life!


Here is a collage of other people who are way too tan


I have a tip for all of you-


Romantic butterfly hair

Keyword: butterfly hair, romantic hair

I just thought this was so clever.  It looks like little butterflies in her hair. All you need are rubberbands to create this look too.  So fun, so cute, so unique!

Everyone’s doing it!

Keyword: bun, updo, high bun

Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July.  I had a very relaxing day home with my fiance. This weekend we have a party though and I am looking forward to some BBQ food!


Now, let’s talk hair!  The high bun is all the rage these days.  You are just not cool if you are not sporting one ;)  You can wear is messy, sleek, with a bump in front…there are so many variations!  Have you tried this look out?  I seem to like to go for the messier look.  The sleek, neat one makes me feel too much like a ballerina lol.


Everyone from Jennifer Lopez, to Kim Kardashian, to Mila Kunis have been spotten sporting this style recently. It’s a very sophisticated look and really easy to achieve!  It also makes for great beach hair!!

Finger wave updo

Keyword: updo, finger waves

I love finger waves.  I love everything about finger waves.  I think I might even do some soft finger waves for my own wedding day hair.  I saw this photo and knew I had to share it. Everything about it is perfect…right down to the mole on her face :)


Let’s discuss this!

Keyword: white liner, eye liner, line eyes

How many times do you go into the makeup store and pass over buying a white eye pencil because you just don’t quite understand what to do with it?  Well, you should learn!  It is one of my obsessions.  It can really transform they eyes.


No I am not telling you to apply it to your upper lid like I used to in 8th grade, back when a thick line of white liner across your lids was in.  Black liner around your lids with pale lips were also in back then and I don’t think we want to go back to that look!! So where do you apply white liner so that it makes your eyes really pop and look beautiful?  The water line!!

If you are going for a very natural look then just got with white on your waterline and a little mascara.  It will look like the “no make-up look” but will make your eyes look really awake and sharp.

Or you can make a really dramatic eye stand out even more. She could have easily just placed black in the waterline like most people do, but then her eye would have looked really closed off. The white helps draw your attention to all the beautiful details involved in this artwork.


What I am really getting at here is that white liner is nothing to be scared of.  Embrace it!!  It will really add a lot to your makeup routine!

Naturally curly hair

Keyword: curly hair, natural hair, peanuts

I can’t say if this is true or not as I do not have naturally curly hair.  Maybe some of you ladies can let me know! ;)

An interesting way to blow dry your hair


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While searching the internet for fun and interesting facts to share with our viewers, we came across this!  How could we NOT post this?  Not quite sure what it has to do with yoga classes. We simply saw the photo, laughed, and posted. As simple as that!  I do have to say that she does have a great butt…maybe all that yoga paid off!!