What will they think of next?


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Is your morning routine getting boring? Do you need something to kick start your day and wake you up from that fuzzy haze? Well then you are in for a treat!  InGlams MP3 flat iron is a pro-quality iron that can hold up to 500 songs! 1- I love the color, 2- It’s ceramic (not as good as titanium, but still pretty awesome), 3-Goes up to 420 degrees, 4-ummm….did we mention it plays music?! Download all your favorite hits and sing along while you style your hair with the ONYX Ceramic Digital 1″ Hairstyling Iron. Did you ever think your hair tools would be sold with USB cords? Check this product out for $149.98 at www.ulta.com

How would YOU recreate this look?

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I found this beautiful piece of art work on line and I am obsessed. Whoever did this really took their time in making it perfect. I just love the way it fades into the lid. And the wings on the bottom lash line really make the eye pop. I think one of my favorite parts is the fact that they left the rest of the eye naked.  It really forces your eyes to draw right to the awesome perfect lines and  shading.


So now I ask…how would You recreate this look? Comment below and let us know! :)

Just bend and snap…very Legally Blonde!

Keyword: scunci, flower clips, bend snap

Scunci’s Bendini has been around for at least a year now.  You can get all kinds of clips in different colors and shapes.  It was about time they came out with a floral collection!  So many brides are using flower accents in either their hair, or for their bridal party.  These are a great accent to any hair.

They also have great lasting power.  The way the go in leaves them very secure. You won’t have to add bobby pins to them.  Basically you stick the comb in, best the flower forward and snap it into place!  The bend and snap!! haha


Wear one in place of a head band when you decide to wear your hair down, or make your ponytail more elegant by snapping on of the top of it.  There are so many options!  I say, buy them all!! ;)

Set your clocks!


Keyword: daylight savings, fall back, hour

Yippie!  We get an extra hour of sleep this weekend!!  I look forward to this every year for that simple reason. It really does your body good to have that extra hour. You wake up feeling super refreshed. Think of how this is going to make those dark circles from lack of sleep disappear! Sigh-what a wonderful thing.  Only down side is the next time the clocks change, we will be losing an hour.  But, let’s take it one day at a time.  If you find yourself waking up early because of your inner clock being off, use that time to pamper yourself a little more. Take a longer shower, give yourself a DIY facial, paint your nails, maybe take the time to blow your hair out real nice before work for a change.  Time is a precious thing.  Use it wisely!

For all you still in school

Keyword: cosmetology, black shirt, uniform

I remember those days. Black shirt and pants every day. I am so glad I can wear color again.  Some people never get to leave the black behind as they go off to work at a salon with the same dress code.  That must suck!

Bored with the red lip craze already?


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Believe it or not, this product was invented by a father who noticed his daughters using temporary tattoos on their lips!! Can we say “Go Dad!!”? While I can’t give a review on the product since I literally JUST placed my order for them ($15 at www.violentlips.com), I can say that I am extremely intrigued. From my understanding they go on the same way a temp tattoo is placed; by peeling off the plastic layer, placing on lips, dabbing with water, and peel off paper. I have read many reviews that seem to say the same thing. They all seem to love the look, but feel they can’t smile or eat as the tattoo tends to crack.  These lips come in many different funky designs including, zebra print, polka dots, stripes, rainbow, and glitter.  If you have tried them please comment below and let us know what you thought! I will make sure to give my thoughts when I have tried them myself. My feelings are…they look fun, and for $15 for three applications, can you really go wrong…even if I only use them for photo shoots.

Her face is like the 9th wonder of the world to me, I just don’t get it

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Okay, let me state my case first to clear the air.  I 100% believe JWoww gets some sort of work done to her face- I stare at peoples faces all day long cutting hair and applying makeup;  I know when something has lost its natural glow.    The thing that throws me off is that no matter how many pictures are taken, no matter how many accusations are made,  JWoww still denies getting any work done to her face.



I’m not picking on the girl- I have girlfriends and clients who say they will certainly be relying on the magic touch of a Doctor as they get older to ensure their face stays prim and proper for as long as they can,  I’m not judging anyone in that department.  My beef is with JWoww and her denial that she’s 100% all natural.



JWoww and Snooki stopped by the Z100 Morning Show this morning to talk about rumors, pregnancy, Jersey Shore, and their own tv Show, Snooki & JWoww.   I actually sat through the whole interview-  I don’t mind them in that environment, I admit I was a big Jersey Shore fan, my fiancee and I used to watch it every Sunday night,  but I think the whole fad is over with now.   It was nice to see these two ladies sober, relaxed, funny and extremely personable throughout the entire interview.