Most makeovers in 24 hours!

Keyword: ulta beauty, good morning america, Guinness world record

Congratulations to the Ulta Beauty Team, Lucky Magazine and the staff at Good Morning America!  They made it into the Guinness Book of World Records with the most makeovers in 24 hours!


The competition kicked off Tuesday morning where a team of 5 artists in heels went to work! After 3 hours, the heels came off!  haha! There were 9 steps that the artist needed to follow for each makeover in order to  qualify for the world record-

1- Concealer

2- Foundation

3- Powder

4- Blush or Bronzer

5- Eye shadow (2)

6- Eyeliner

7- Mascara

8- Lip liner

9- Lipstick

By midnight they had 300 makeovers under their belt and they were still going strong!


So what was the total number after 24 hours? 378 makeovers!  Now THAT is impressive! Congrats to all who were involved!  Wonder how long it takes for someone else to break this record!