I can’t live without this

Keyword: aquage, hydrating mist, conditioning

I’ve talked about Aquage products before (check out how to get beach waved hair here). I use their hair spray on a regular basis, as well as their shampoo and conditioner.  I get compliments as to how nice the products smell, as if I am the one who invented how they smell lol.

The Hydrating Mist is a great product to use in the summer time.  Why?  Well, in the summer your hair is exposed to elements that may tend to dry your hair out.  The sun alone can do damage, not to mention pool water! Also, people tend to like to go blonder in the summer time so their hair can sometimes become over processed from all the lightening.


The Hydrating Mist feels so refreshing when sprayed on your hair.  I tend to use it before blowing out, but you can use it after the blow out is finished too.  It leaves the hair feeling so natural and so healthy. I also love the design of the bottle. It makes it really easy to spray without over-using the product.