It’s a crazy, obsessed, fan?


Keyword: Superman, plastic surgery

Can we just talk about this for a few minutes? Superman?! Really? Herbert Chavez, 35 of the Philippines, is so obsessed with Superman, he went through several cosmetic surgeries just to look like him!! Since 1995,  Chavez has has a chin augmentation to get the infamous cleft, a nose job to look more like Christopher Reeves, lip injections, and even thigh implants to look more muscular….among other procedures. I’ll admit it, Superman is cool…and a pretty good looking superhero, but to go under the knife just to look like him is a little bizzar! And!!!- the best part is, he’s not done.  He claims he will be going in for yet another surgery. This one is supposed to make him taller. At only 5′ myself, I’m interested in knowing how they go about this! haha


If you could choose to look like any super hero…or villain I suppose, who would you choose? I think I’d go with She-Ra. She was always my favorite growing up.