Just in case you missed it yesterday!

Keyword: Tabatha Coffey, Dr. Oz, thinning hair, grey hair

In case you missed yesterday, I thought I’d post it here for all to see. Tabatha Coffey touches upon products that will help with brittle hair, grey hair, and thinning hair.


My favorite part is when she explains how your hair changes as you get older.  So many of my clients will tell me they want their curly hair back like they had 10 years ago, or they miss how straight their hair used to be and how can get get it back that way.  The truth is, your hormones change…you hair changes. It’s as simple as that.  Just as your skin or your body changes, your hair will too. There is no way to fix this, or stop it.  You just have to learn how to manage it every time a change occurs!


Don’t forget that Tabatha’s new series ‘Tabatha Takes Over’ begins January 10th!