When kids cut their own hair


Keyword: kids, cut hair, hairdresser

Now here is a girl after my own heart. My little cousin, at only 3 years old, is a regular stylist.  Recently she took off a decent amount of hair right in front of her head. This is not the first time she has done this either! While Mommy and Daddy are not happy campers, I can’t help but smile :)  She certainly is a little fashionista!  I keep telling her that when she’s older, she can come work for me!


I’ve actually had many parents rush their kid in for fixes over the years.  It seems to be a common trend with kids. In fact, I seem to remember cutting a chunk of my sisters hair off and hiding behind the couch from my Mom.  It just always seems that they cut it in the worst spot!  Probably because it’s easiest to reach for them, but it doesn’t make it easy for us stylists to cover it up. At least with a boy you can shave his head. If you want to prevent your child from doing this it’s important to make sure ALL scissors are out of reach…even those child safety ones. While they may not cut your finger off, they can still cut through hair!


I still think that little Miss Meghan is as cute as ever!


  • Loretta

    haha, my daughter did this a few months ago. Hard not to laugh, even though we were not happy at first.

    September 18 2011