See you in 2 weeks!

Keyword: vacation, cruise

Today I leave for a 12 day cruise with my Fiance. *Sticks tongue out* Sucks for all of you who have to work the next two weeks. Hehe I’ll be on a new island almost every day, soaking up the sun! :)

I have written articles in advance to keep up with the blog, so don’t worry…you will all still have a reason to keep coming back on your lunch breaks, or when you get home from work. Honestly, I just wanted to brag a little.  I mean, how often do you get to take 12 days off to sit on a boat in the middle of February?!  We will be celebrating both our 8 year anniversary and Valentines Day while vacationing (which is not the reason for the cruise, just happened to work out that way).

I hope you enjoy the articles I have prepared.  See you when I get back! Maybe I’ll post a picture of my awesome tan I hope to come home with!