He wants to be just like his Mommy

Keyword: kitten, cats, hairdresser

Everyone, I would like you to meet Dax!  I was fostering him after I found him outside, but I have become too attached to let him go (so has my fiance even though he won’t fully admit it!) Dax’s favorite toy? One of my haircutting combs.  Don’t know why…but just loves it! No, I will not be using this one on clients anymore lol.


Why the name Dax?  Well he is polydactyl cat- meaning he has more than 4 toes on each foot.  He has 7 on his two front paws, and 5 on his two back paws.  So to play on the word polydactyl we thought it would be funny to name him Pterodactyl (you know, the flying birds from the dinosaur ages!)  Clearly we won’t be going around calling him Pterodactyl all the time so we made it Dax for short!


He certainly is a cutie!!