Follow these tips

Keyword: thin hair, kenra, volumizing, thickening


Do you have thin hair? Do you wish you could make it appear thicker?  Well there are ways to do this without putting a full head of extension in your head.  First, try a new cut!  Keeping the hair on the shorter side is always the best solution for thin hair. However, if you would prefer to keep it longer don’t add layers. When you cut too many layers into it, it lessons the volume…then creating it to look even thinner!

Don’t want to chop all your tresses off, then start with a bang.  Bangs are a great way to add the illusion of volume to hair.


Learn to tease! Teasing the hair can really help it to look fuller.  It’s important to learn how to tease the right way though.  You don’t want to knot up your hair!


When all else fails…product, product, product.  Use a shampoo dedicated to fine/thin hair like Kenra’s Platinum Shampoo.  Then try their Platinum Thickening Glaze. Their products are not only great, but they are the most amazing smelling products I have ever worked with!