Best time of year for TV

Keyword: face off, syfy, prosthetics

Tuesday marked the premier of the new season of Face Off.  Did I get to watch it yet? Nope!  It’s killing me that I don’t have time for my own life these days but once my fiance and I get settled into our own house things will be much more calm and simpler.


Face Off is the ultimate special effects makeup show ever.  They cover everything from body painting, prosthetic work, blood guts and gore, and all that awesomely fun stuff!  It’s really hard not to love it.  Even if you don’t have a love for makeup or design it is still really cool to watch how these artist use their skills to create such amazing characters.  The winner gets a car, $100,000 and I think a bunch of makeup as well.  It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.  Not to mention the exposure you get!

Tune in on Tuesday at 9pm on the SyFy channel to see how fantastic this show really is.  I hope I get to sit down tonight to catch up!!