Potential damage to your hair


Keyword: twirling, damage, bald

It’s a nervous habit that almost all of us have been guilty of at one point in our lives, but if you make twirling your hair an every day occurrence, it could seriously damage your hair! Too much handling of your hair in this manner can actually begin to break your hair and you run the risk of it not growing back! I actually have a client who is guilty of this and if she reads this, she knows this is about her ;)  She has beautiful hair down to her waist, but one small section where she has been twirling so much, that she now only has about 5 inches of growth. I’ve been trying to break her habit by scaring her that it is only going to get worse, but unfortunately I am not a therapist (even though clients seem to tell me everything lol). So if you find that you are making it too much of a habit, try to get yourself help to quit it before you ruin your beautiful locks!