What’s going on in this world?

Keyword: Zombie, eating people, zombie makeup

In keeping with the current Zombie trend going around right now, I was inspired to post some of my favorite zombieness. (I know my girl from weEATny will love the photo above.  Check out her article on eating faces!) While I love zombies, I do not condone eating peoples faces or ripping out others hearts. It is super creepy and weird.  But nonetheless, I still love zombies…


Where can you go to get a pair of awesome Zombie shoes? www.ironfistclothing.com carried all sorts of zombie apparel. I own everything from shoes, to wallets, to bathing suits from them…and I can’t get enough! I am thoroughly obsessed.



Now these are some brains that are okay to eat!! Yummy brain cupcakes!  Can I have these from my wedding??  Haha, can you imagine? They do look delicious though!  And how fitting that they are red velevet!



Of course I can’t write this article and not post about awesome zombie makeup!  Here is Greg Nicotero working on my favorite zombie from the AMC series, The Walking Dead.  I cannot say enough how much I love this show and how much I love his work!!  He is like my zombie making idol!!!


Now let’s stop with all these crazy drugs that are making these people do awful things!  Zombies are cool…but only on tv!

  • eww how do they do that makeup

    February 20 2013

    • i’m never leaving my house again lol

      June 01 2012