Problems already?

Keyword: airbrush, temptu, bridal makeup

Okay people, I just got my Temtpu Airbrush machine.  Basically I was tired of having guns clog up on me and tired of having to clean my air brush gun between every bridesmaid.  So I saw a few makeup artists recently that had switched to this.  I was really exited to get it.  I love how light weight it is!  And it looks so clean too.


I have an issue already though…some of the pods don’t seem to be catching on the little hook inside the gun that is supposed to pull the needle back…has anyone else had this problem?  I only got it yesterday morning, so maybe there is something I am doing wrong?  If any of your readers have this product, let me know if you had this problem.  I plan on calling Temptu  if I can’t figure it out by tomorrow!