Your very own static guide

 Keyword: static, hair

Back in October I posted an article on how to deal with static in your hair.  Since the winter is finally starting to hit here in New York, I thought I would repost this just to remind you all that you have options!


1. Use a dryer sheet.  Rubbing a dryer sheet over your head will help keep your hair down…and smelling nice too.   Yummm….white linnen!


2. More conditioner! With winter weather being much dryer, you can usually get away with using a bit more conditioner in your hair without it getting oily.


3. Leave-in conditioner.  These are great, but only for people with very very dry hair.


4. A shine spray always does the trick.  I love Kenra’s Silkening Mist spray. I use it wet and/or dry. Works great with frizz in the summer and static in the winter. The best part about this product is the amazing smell.  Some of my clients call it the cotton candy spray! Check out to find out more about this product and others.


5. Make your own spray!  Take a tsp of liquid softener, add it to a bottle of water, and sprits away.  When you dry your hair, you should be static free for  the day!


6. Spray a little hairspray on your brush and comb hair when dry…although this trick I find doesn’t have much lasting power!


Comment below and let us know some of your static tricks!