Inspring words from Chris Crocker

Keyword: Chris Cocker, make over, britney spears

We all remember how Chris Cocker became a yotube hit over night with 80 million views on his “Leave Britney A lone” video.  Lets be real, he was a hot mess! Smeared eyeliner all over his face, bleached out hair, and awful crying…it was a bad accident you couldn’t look away from.  Well, I recently found some new photos of him and I was so shocked I had to share with all of you.  I almost didn’t even believe that this was the same person and I had to google it to make sure that it was! Turns out, it’s him and as you scroll down you will see a very inspiration video he posted about the changes he has made.


Ummm…yum?!  He is hot!!  Why the change??  Well…watch his very inspiring video below. He has certainly come a long way since that Britney video!