Katy Perry was inspired to write a song, you should be inspired to paint your nails!

Keyword: firework nails, 4th of july style, red, white, blue

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!  Most of you probably have a bbq to attend, and if you don’t tomorrow, them I am sure you do over the weekend! Here are some ways to incorporate fireworks in a safer way then lighting them off in your street!

Nail art is the perfect way to be festive.  I love these firework nails, and there is not way to mess these up either!

Here is a fun way to dress up your hair for that bbq!  It’s like a personal firework for your hair, only better because your head won’t go up in flames!! haha


Okay  I really wanted to post some firework inspired makeup, but there was really nothing good out there.  Everything was just ridiculous and stupid so I don’t want to waste your time!  AT least your nails and hair can look fabulous!