heads up to all my migraine sufferers out there! This could be your solution

Keywords: migraine, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, migraine removal

Sorry to my heavy drinkers,  this article doesn’t pertain to those kinds of headaches- we’re talking about chronic migraine sufferers that have daily migraines so painful they could take down a horse.  DailyMail reports on a growing trend and apparent cure for those suffering from chronic headaches.


I fortunately do not suffer from chronic migraines, but a family member of mine does and my heart breaks for her whenever I see her suffering from the debilitating pain that attacks her for no apparent reason.    The concept makes sense,  in the article they explain how accessing the area just behind the eyes gives the Doctors the easy access to the sensory nerves that they have found are one of the leading causes for chronic migraines.


The surgery would allow the Doctors to relieve any excess pressure that might be resting on nerves or blocking blood flow,  causing a constant hindering of pain. In some cases, they have found just opening the area around the eye up presents a completely new playing field for them,  in which they are even able to see things such as ‘a band around a nerve, or a nerve that comes through a hole in the bone instead of a notch’ ;  both proven to cause the migraines.

So you see migraine sufferers,  people do care about you, and Doctors are out there trying to find a way to rid you of this unfortunate and terrible pain.