For those Twilight fans out there!

Keyword: Twilight, styling tools

I am going to apologize to all those ‘Twilight’ fans out there…but I have never actually seen these movies, or read the books….nor do I want to.  I know, I know, I must be the only female out there that hasn’t gotten excited the night before the premiers.  If you’ve been keeping up with my blog then you’ll know that Vampires just aren’t my thing. I am a zombie girl in every sense of the word. However, I find it very cool that the movies have been such a hit they seemed to have formed their own styling line of hair tools!  They even have a ceramic blow dryer on top of the three tools shown above (just couldn’t find a good photo to post) According to my findings, these are supposed to be just like the ones the stylists used on set. I will say that they look like great products. Ceramic is the newest, most efficient material for styling and they have a great sleek look to them. They even have their very own website!! Check it out: