Sorry iPhone users! Our web guy is on the case

Keywords: iphone, website down, technical difficulties



Our reader Jessica tipped us off to the fact that the site is loading all weird on her iPhone, so I went and checked for myself, and sure enough! it’s all jumbled together, and for some reason there is a wePUCKny logo plastered behind my Headlines (if you watch hockey, get your butt over to that site).


Technical problems happen all the time with websites, that’s why as soon as I was asked to write for this company and not have to stress over that stuff, I jumped on it immediately-   do you have any idea how much of a headache it is managing your own blog    I don’t get any of the technical stuff!  I just want to talk about Hair and Makeup and share my random thoughts of confusion about stuff like Amber Rose!



Thanks for the tip Jess!   Still such a cool feeling to know people all over the world are checking my site to listen to my craziness everyday!

Loooooove you all! Don’t forget, you can reach me just like Jess did:

p.s. I think it’s time to give that iPhone a little bit of a charge, don’t ya think?