Set your clocks!


Keyword: daylight savings, fall back, hour

Yippie!  We get an extra hour of sleep this weekend!!  I look forward to this every year for that simple reason. It really does your body good to have that extra hour. You wake up feeling super refreshed. Think of how this is going to make those dark circles from lack of sleep disappear! Sigh-what a wonderful thing.  Only down side is the next time the clocks change, we will be losing an hour.  But, let’s take it one day at a time.  If you find yourself waking up early because of your inner clock being off, use that time to pamper yourself a little more. Take a longer shower, give yourself a DIY facial, paint your nails, maybe take the time to blow your hair out real nice before work for a change.  Time is a precious thing.  Use it wisely!