A mirror for all you tech geeks out there!


Keyword: Macbook, mirror

I thought I would kick off the start of a new week with something that would make you say “I want that!” Now, I’m a Mac girl.  No PC’s over here!! I made the switch last Christmas when I received my first Macbook as a gift from the fiance (then boyfriend!). Soon after, I went from Blackberry to iPhone. So when I saw this, I got all excited! Seriously!  Here I am, Sunday night, browsing for some fresh ideas to write about, and this pops on the screen.  I actually got out of my cozy bed, laptop in hand, just to show my fiance how cute this little mirror is!  

The scary part is, in like 8 more years…give or take…this is could actually be the size of our computers!  Imagine typing on those things?  I have enough trouble with my all-touch phone! haha

In all seriousness though, it really is a very creative and unique compact to carry around.  As a girl I know that probably 85% of you carry a compact or some type of mirror with you at all times.  Wouldn’t it be cool to pull this out of your purse?  It’d be a great conversation piece!

Find this product on the French website W3SH