People getting chin jobs so they look good on iChat

Keywords: chin job, boob job, ichat, plastic surgery



Whooooooa!   The fastest growing plastic surgery trend in 2011 was a Chin Job!?  21,000 chin jobs in the US last year alone; more than breast augmentations, botox and liposuction.    Apparently people are really self conscious how their double chin looks when they’re video conferencing for work.


You know, at first I thought the article was crazy, but I guess with technology moving as fast as it is- the day of instant connection is here, and all we have to worry about is how we look from the collarbone up haha.     There are literally no pictures to attach to an article like this, so I figured I would put together a list of people that should definitely be next on the list for a chin job:


This guy has to be a shoe-in for a free chin job right?   Or do you think it’s just the opposite for him?  he doesn’t have a double chin, he just has one enormous chin-  this guy might be on to something here.



Ooooohhh yeah, 100% gotta go.  Drew Carey over here thinks putting on a wide spread neck and some glasses is gonna draw your eye away from his chin.  Not fooling this girl, I still see it!