Check out her new buzz cut

Keyword: avril lavigne, skater boi, girl buzz cut

Thank you Daily Mail for yet another great update on our favorite celebs! Avril Lavigne likes to pop in every once in a while and shock us. I doesn’t surprise me all that much as Avril is known for sporting edgier looks.


Her last look with the black on top and blonde on the bottom wasn’t all that flattering. She now has gone back to her caramel blonde, but decided to buzz the side.  This is actually a look that is becoming more and more popular.  I remember when it was cool to buzz the underneath of your hair.  That seemed a little more practical than this look.  I’m not really a fan of the shaved side.  How exactly do you go about growing this out?


Avril, just because I don’t like your hair doesn’t mean that I still don’t love you!  Looking forward to hearing your new album (she’s working on it now…not date yet!)