Now THIS I can cover!


I am not one for award shows.  I guess I just don’t care enough about movies and tv shows to watch what wins and what doesn’t.  But when it comes to the Tony Awards…well…it’s sort of like my Super Bowl! So let’s talk a bit about what I saw last night!


Host Neil Patrick Harris looked amaaaaazing!  He always does though, doesn’t he?  You almost forget from his character on How I Met Your Mother that he is actually a really cool and down to earth guy…and he can sing! And since this is a style site, I will mention that his hair always looks great ;)


Oh, hello Sheryl Crow! What was she doing at the Tony’s?  Well apparently she just finished writing music for her very first Broadway show called “Diner”.  She presented an award and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.  She looked GREAT! Her hair was beautiful.  The color and style were very flattering on her. Her makeup was done to perfection in my eyes.  She wasn’t over done…it was like just enough! She was never one of my favorite musicians, but I can appreciate someone who looks so great and knows how to dress and look for her age!  Prop to you Ms Crow!


She bangs, she bangs!!  Yes, that is Ricky Martin! Normally I wouldn’t say this, but I am kind of digging his facial hair.  My guess is he grew it out for his role as Che in Evita, but I think it kind of works for him.  He impressed me during his performance and I think I found him sexier than ever….but maybe it’s because I just have a thing for guys who do theatre ;)


Amanda Seyfried did not impress me.  Why was SHE at the Tony’s?  Well she will be starring along side Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway in the screen version of Les Miserable in the winter. 1-you need to dress a little nicer for the Tony’s.  This is not the MTV Music Awards…this is a prestigious award show! Put on a gown! 2- If she is sporting the ombre.. then maybe she shouldn’t pull her hair back so sleek like. It just looks like she has really bad roots! 3- I’m all for a bold lip, but you have to give the eyes a little bit more…or maybe she is just too pale for me.  I don’t know, but something just isn’t working for me.  Sorry Amanda!  I do however look forward to her performance in the movie!


Congrats to all the winners last night!!  Now, someone please go get me tickets to see ‘Newsies’! I need to see more dancing boys!! ;)