So is my 30th birthday…ahhh!!

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Let’s just pretend for now that I am NOT turning 30 two days before Mother’s Day.  Let’s just focus on mom here, okay? You’ve probably given her every piece of jewelry you could think of, you’ve bought her an ipod or an ipad that she never touched, you’ve taken her out to countless dinners and brunches…so what do you get her this year?  A trip to the SPA/Salon of course!  What mom wouldn’t love to spend the day getting pampered?  I’m not a mom, but I know I wouldn’t pass up a day of free nails, blow outs massages and facials!


So, now you are thinking…but where do I send her?

If you are on Long Island (wooo!) check out this site here for information and reviews on local spas.  Not on Long Island…don’t sweat.  Check this out for other NY areas.


Trust me, mom will be thanking you….and then you’ll be thanking us ;)