Is the “old lady” cut really necessary?


Keyword: long hair

So everyone wants to have long, luscious locks but at what age is it time to cut it all off? In my opinion, just because you reach a certain age, does not mean you need to chop off your locks. It all depends on how you look and feel, the texture and thickness of your hair…among other things. Take my Mom for example; at 60 years of age, she doesn’t look a day over 50…a sexy 50 might I add. Now, her hair might not be long but she certainly doesn’t have that “old lady” cut either. My Mom is sporting a trendy a-line bob! The key is to keep your hair manageable and sophisticated for your age and look.  Many older celeb women are rockin’ the longer look these days. Meryl Streep (62), Susan Lucci (64), and Madonna (53) are all ladies not afraid to keep their stylish hair regardless of their age.