Like a bad accident, I can’t stop staring

Keyword: suntan, tan skin, child tanning, skin cancer

There are two things wrong with this video-

1- the fact that the mother let her cute, fair skinned daughter go tanning with her

2- no one should ever be that tan!


When I first saw the thumbnail to this video, I thought it was going to be a black woman who had adopted a white girl. When I watched it, I realized that the woman was white too!! Is it even possible for white people to get that dark? There is nothing natural about this!! As I watched it I started wondering if she really had tan skin or if she was just a huge blob of melanoma skin cancer.


I am all for looking a little sun kissed.  A healthy glow can be good for you. But this woman just took it too far!  And her daughter is beautiful and so cute.  It’s a shame that she is going to grow up thinking that tanning is just a way of life!


Here is a collage of other people who are way too tan


I have a tip for all of you-