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Okay, so I admit my secret!  When it comes to my own personal make-up, I go for “cheap” and easy to find items. Don’t get me wrong, when working with Brides or on set of a film or shoot, I always make sure to have my top quality make-up handy. But I’d go broke if I were to use all the same stuff on myself on a daily baises. So over the years, I have found some basic make-up that really works wonderfully. So I thought that every once in a while I would share with you some of my favorite products.  

On the top of my list is Physicians Formula. I began purchasing their eye shadow palettes a few years ago and now it seems to be all I wear these days. Above are just a few of the ones they offer, but look at all your options! The pigment in them is super great too. I probably own about 6 or 7 different palettes which gives me thousands of different ways to wear my shadow. They are absolute beautiful!

Don’t be fooled, these may look like they are liquid but they are actually a cream. I’ve used all three, but my favorite is the Cover (#2) I use it over any problem areas I seem to have (redness, or a blemish). It covers great even without the green correcter. It feels light and lasts all day without feeling caked on. The highlight is really nice on the top of the cheek bones! And the best part is, they all snap together for easy storage.


Physicians Formula also has some great blushes and bronzers as well and they have recently launched a skin care line as well. More to come on that in a few weeks….stay tuned!