Tattoos and horns…oh my!

Keyword: vampire woman, tattoo, horns, body art, self expression, domestic abuse

She woman tells the true meaning of “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  According to a little bit of research I did after falling upon several videos online of her, she was from an abusive relationship.  After divorcing her husband she decided to tell her story through her tattoos.  Each one of her tattoos tells a story.  She has four eyes on her knee that represent her children and how they are always watching her, she has tattoos on her face to represent her mom, and some that represent what she went through as a victim of domestic violence.  She is looking to start a charity for battered women.  And here you probably thought she was a scary lady, huh?  Don’t be ashamed…I did too at first!


Check out some of these photos-

It’s funny because after hearing her story, I see her in a whole new light!  Please feel free to view other videos of her on youtube.  They blocked a lot of them from being shared, unfortunately. There are a lot of very interesting ones on their that tell her story really well!  Check them out!!