Jersey Shore reveals “The Unit”

Keyword: blowout, Jersey Shore, Unit, Pauly D


As a stylist, I can respect a good blowout. Is it my style? Not in the least bit.  But I can hold respect for someone who can cut it well, and the client who can style it themselves.  Pauly D does a great job. I believe he probably has the most famous blowout right now. Lets face it, when you hear the word ‘blowout’ your mind immediatly goes to “Jersey Shore”.

Well this past week we got to meet the ‘infamous’ Unit we always hear Mike talking about. Talk about entertainment! His hair alone made watching that episode worth it! Never thought I would see a jerry curled blowout! Hahaha! I’m cracking myself up over here.  Seriously, if you want to rock the blowout….go for it, but come on! If you don’t have the right hair for it, don’t force it! And can we talk about how he is like 30 years old and calls himself The Unit?!  I thought the Situation and J-Woww were bad enough but this guy takes it to a whole new level. I’m gonna start referring to myself as Miss. Fabulous.  Let’s see if it catches on!

Miss. Fabulous would like to give a shout out to The Unit: Lose the fro, guy! It’s just not working for you!