How to pull it off


Keyword: black nail polish

If you are going for simple, plain black then the key is to keep your nails at a short, but not stubby length.  If they are too long you can look like something out of a Halloween movie, and if they are too short you risk them looking eve shorter with the dark color.

But there are other ways to bring black into your polish without feeling like a goth.  Try the ever so classic french manicure…with a twist.  Instead of a white tip, do black.  If this is done right it can actually look really classic and pretty.

Another option is adding some  colorful designs. This one looks like confetti, but you can keep it simple if this is too crazy for you. Maybe simple white flowers will do the trick for you.

And the last one I leave you with is my favorite.  Go matte!  Hey, they do it on cars now, why can’t we do it on our nails?


So I hope you leave here inspired to try something different!  Send your photos this way! Maybe one day you’ll be featured in one of our articles ;)



  • You can throw it on yourself while the nails are wet, then paint clear over it to make sure it stays.

    November 14 2011
    • Jen

      I like the matte look and the french manicure one. How do you get the confetti look? Is it a nail polish or do you throw it on after?

      November 13 2011