My Favorite Lotion

Keyword: Cerave, lotion, moisturizer, facial

I was first given this product by a Doctor who I had seen when my face started to break out with “hormonal acne”  It’s fun to have this problem in your late 20′s after going through your teen years with perfect skin! *rolls eyes*  Needless to say, I have it under control now.  The Doctor handed me CeraVe PM facial lotion and told me to use it twice a day (morning & night).  On top of making sure I was using the right facial wash, my problems were gone.


Well, I eventually ran out of all the free samples he had given me of the lotion and decided to pick some up at CVS.  They didn’t have the PM one in stock.  So I figured I would get the AM one…biiiiiig mistake.  My face started getting bad again!  Recently switched back to the PM version and I’m back in business.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes.  Who would have thought that the AM one would be too harsh for my face.


Moral of the store- It’s okay to use nighttime face lotions during the day!  Just keep in mind they don’t have an SPF in them!