What can help keep it tame?

Keyword: frizzy hair, humid weather, conditioner, fabric softener

Sometimes in the summer as weather becomes more humid, your hair will start to frizz more.  There is nothing a girl hates more than frizzy hair!  To resolve this issue, try conditioning it more often.


If conditioner isn’t helping there is another way to tame those locks, but I bet some of you won’t believe me!

Liquid fabric softener works wonders as a leave in conditioner!  Of course this product isquite strong so you MUST dilute it with water.  Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup  water and 1/2 cup fabric softener.  After you shower, comb through your hair and spray your homemade leave in conditioner as needed!

Not only will your hair smell great, but it will be much smoother and softer and will be less likely to frizz on you during those hot summer days!