10 years since it’s FDA approval

Keywords: botox, fda, botox birthday, frown lines

Saw this over on fitperez and thought it was interesting.  Nothing big, just the 10 year anniversary since Botox was approved by the FDA for use on frown lines.   Who would have thought 10 years ago that the Botox craze would have had such an enormous impact on the health and beauty industries.


It seems like everywhere you go nowadays someone (or something) catches your eye reminding you that men and women everywhere are using this injection to help prolong their youthful appearance.


I’m against it personally, but I have no issues with people who undergo the procedure.   I’m still at that point in my life where I feel any unnatural outside influence just can’t be healthy,  no matter how many doctors or studies tell me otherwise.


Who knows-  things will change as I get older and as my features begin to change,  I may freak out every morning and jump on the Botox bandwagon;  but for right now I’ll stay far away from it and just wish it a Happy Birthday.