Her face is like the 9th wonder of the world to me, I just don’t get it

Keywords: jwoww, snooki, botox


Okay, let me state my case first to clear the air.  I 100% believe JWoww gets some sort of work done to her face- I stare at peoples faces all day long cutting hair and applying makeup;  I know when something has lost its natural glow.    The thing that throws me off is that no matter how many pictures are taken, no matter how many accusations are made,  JWoww still denies getting any work done to her face.



I’m not picking on the girl- I have girlfriends and clients who say they will certainly be relying on the magic touch of a Doctor as they get older to ensure their face stays prim and proper for as long as they can,  I’m not judging anyone in that department.  My beef is with JWoww and her denial that she’s 100% all natural.



JWoww and Snooki stopped by the Z100 Morning Show this morning to talk about rumors, pregnancy, Jersey Shore, and their own tv Show, Snooki & JWoww.   I actually sat through the whole interview-  I don’t mind them in that environment, I admit I was a big Jersey Shore fan, my fiancee and I used to watch it every Sunday night,  but I think the whole fad is over with now.   It was nice to see these two ladies sober, relaxed, funny and extremely personable throughout the entire interview.