No, I don’t mean myself

Keyword: perfect face, england, symmetrical

Did you even know there was such a thing? I was always under the impression that it did not exist. Boy was I proven wrong! Florence Colgate, an 18 year old student from England has been graced with the title “Britain’s Most Beautiful Face.”


What makes up the perfect face? It’s all based on symmetry. To be “perfect” there must be a certain ratio between eyes, nose, mouth, and forehead. They need to be in perfect symmetry and completely flawless in order for it to be perfect. The greeks had a formula:

-the distance from the eyes to the mouth should be one third of the face

The competition only took natural beauties….which means, you could not have had plastic surgery, and all contestants were judged wearing no make-up. There were over 8,000 contestants and Colgate was the winner!


She now plans to pursue a modeling career.  I don’t blame her!