Did you all see her new look?

Keyword: Miley Cyrus, haircut, celeb haircut

I first saw this photo posted on someones facebook and I didn’t even realize it was Miley Cyrus until today when someone asked me if I saw her new haircut.  Since I haven’t had much computer time I had no idea that Miley had cut her hair so drastically! It doesn’t even look like her!

I have to admit…I think she looks fantastic!  She is totally rockin it the right way.  I never would have pegged her as edgy like that but I am thoroughly  impressed by her.  Now I wonder how many little girls are going to be begging their mom’s for this cut…and how many disappointed young ladies will have it done and hate it! haha

Ellen DeGeneres already gave it a shot! Hahaha Imitation is the best form a flattery, huh?