My kind of photoshoot

Keyword: america’s next top model, zombie makeup, photoshoot

I have been asked by a few readers if i watch America’s Next Top Model at all….I am sorry to say that I do not.  I have seen the show. Sometimes I’ll turn the tv on and a repeat will be on and I’ll watch it, but I just don’t get excited about it as a show so it’s not on my ‘to watch list’.  However, I did hear that they were doing a zombie shoot.  This intrigued me!


For all my newest readers/fans…I am obsessed with  zombies.  If I could be one, I would be haha!  So These photos were very exciting for me to come across.


I never knew how sexy zombies could be…corset tops, leather pants…She doesn’t have the right zombie stare though….



This one is kind of like an angelic zombie. But she still looks too pretty for me!



This girl has got it!  The awkward pose, the zombie stare…and still looks sexy and pretty?  She nailed it!!


You can check out the rest of them on the website, and even vote for which one is your favorite!