Sorry guys:(  we got hit by the Paparazzi Police,  we’ll post new pics when they become available!

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Apparently the company that owns the photos we posted wasn’t happy with us sharing them with you.  As far as we know- our boss tells us to credit the source in which we found the photos or articles to the best of our ability…   For those of you that saw that recent post about Lauren Scruggs,  you’ll notice that we credited DailyMail on numerous occasions throughout the article.


I always thought one hand washed the other on the internet-  They take the pictures, huge News & Info blogs like the DailyMail(which I loooove) buys the photos from them and posts them,  then the little fish in the ocean like us go and take those pictures, credit the source website, and help share and grow their story.  The circle of internet life. I’m no Business professional, but i’m pretty sure all 200 new articles I read everyday around the web all follow that exact same roadmap.


iiiiiiiiidunno people-  all I know is, you send me an email with “***” and “URGENT” and “ILLEGAL” and all that craziness, I’m not even taking a chance, i’ll let my boss handle that.   For the time being,  I apologize if our recent links on Twitter and Fb are now dead :( once they’re released, I can get them back,  so if you’re interested in hearing about Laurens recovery and settlement,  feel free to go check out the DailyMail for the story.