Does such a thing exist?

Keyword: low maintenance, highlights

It exists, and it’s awesome.  If you have a client who loves the look of highlighted hair, but knows she won’t be back regularly for touch ups, this is the answer!  I’ve done it for a few of my clients and have only gotten positive reviews from it.

You have to make the highlights thin, as it won’t work for chunky. And it won’t work if they are looking to have a ton of highlights either.  It’s only for a soft look. The trick is to not do every foil right at the roots. Basically the point is to not make it noticeable when the roots start growing it.  Therefore, what I do is three different foils.  The first one is at the root,  The second one is about 3 inches from the root, and the third one is somewhere between the first and second.  Then I keep alternating the pattern. The result is perfect and your client will be very happy to NOT have to see you again in the usual 4 weeks ;)