She looks good! but she doesn’t look THAT good

Keywords: sofia vergara, no id, ava lounge



Sofia Vergara was denied access to Ava Lounge in Manhattan on Saturday night because she wasn’t able to provide proper photo ID.   The Modern Family star (that I absolutely love!) went to the club to attend a private party for the Broadway musical “Ghost”.   She was denied at the door by the security guard who stood firm on the clubs “no ID, no entry” rule.



Sofia is beautiful on all levels, but there isn’t a 39 year old walking this earth that looks like she’s under 21 haha.



It’ didn’t turn out to be a big deal, Sofia reportedly treated the situation with ease and went on her merry way.  So,  thank you, Ava Lounge, for giving me a reason to go on that little Sofia Vergara picture search today,  she’s always a fun celebrity to check up on every now and again.  Always keeping herself beautiful and busy! She has the most amazing skin ever