And she wears it beautifully

Keywords: kate middleton, updo, celebrity hairstyles


Admittedly, I can’t say I follow Kate Middleton much, but I know a near flawless Updo when I see one, and this thing is beautiful!  I can only imagine the talent that Kates hair and makeup artists have, no wonder she always looks so beautiful every time she leaves the house, or, castle?   I guess she lives in a castle now? Palace?  I don’t know.  Moving on!



Huffington Post made a big deal out of this,  apparently Kate Middleton never wears her hair up.  After a quick google search; they were right.   I’m surprised because a woman with features and beauty like her, you would think she would throw it up in a pony tail and be on her way and still turn heads.   I guess living the life of royalty comes with a bit more prep work prior to leaving your house.



I have done a couple articles in the past on Kate, and I just don’t have anything bad to say about her. She always conducts herself with such class and elegance,  and always looks red carpet ready.   I remember growing up how fascinated my Mom was of Princess Diana, and all I ever hear is how Kate Middleton conducts herself with such eerily similar fashions as the late Princess.