Before and After


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Okay, I’m here to discuss my gripe with the advertising of Keratin Treatments. On a regular basis I have clients coming in telling me they want Keratin done so they can have pin straight hair. If you are a hair dresser then you know that the Keratin is a smoothing system. It is not meant to make your hair pin straight. It is meant to smooth out the frizz. Now for some people it does have the result of making their hair very straight but it all depends on the genetic makeup of your hair and how it reacts to the chemical.  When I tell clients all of this however, they look at me and say “I saw before and after photos!” So here is where I get angry. The before photos are one thing. You’re showing the hair in it’s natural state. But when you take a picture of the hair right after you are finished and call it the “after” photo, it is very misleading! The process of the Keratin Treatments involves using a flat iron over the person’s entire head!! Of course their hair is going to be pin straight by the time you are done! Just because they walk away from your chair, doesn’t mean the process is over.  That chemical is still processing in their hair which is why they can’t wash for at least 72 hours. To me, the final result is when they wash their hair for the first time and let it dry. THIS is when the “after” photos should be taken! This will give the people a true meaning of what the keratin does for their hair. I guess it is just as misleading as a “before” and “after” photo of someone using pimple cream.  They always have make-up on in the “after”.  It drives me crazy. Why can’t advertisements be more honest. I think people would appreciate it more!

  • Jenni L

    I could not agree more with you!! both my parents have extreme frizzy curly poofy thick hair.. so you can only imagine what that gave me. Double the hair trouble! I have bought product after product because of these “before and after pictures” that are always advertised. Almost none of them have ever worked. The first before picture you have shown here is almost identical to what I go through when I get out of the shower. I did however find a flat iron that works amazing The Chi. But since high school I have spent thousands of dollars on hair cuts, flat irons, smoothers, relaxers, just about everything. I wish more people were honest like you! I could of saved so much money, time and pain.

    May 16 2013