A look into how gracefully Betty White has aged

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At 28 years old, Betty White was a stunning brunette co-hosting a show called “Hollywood” for 5 hours a day, 6 days a week. In 1950 she was nominated for her first Emmy Award…thus creating the ever so popular Betty White we all know and love today!



In 1958 she was as beautiful as ever! Still brunette coloring but now sporting a cute page boy cut!



In 1975 she goes blonde!! Her roll as the happy homemaker Sue Niven’s on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” wins her an Emmy!



Hello Rose Nylund!  In 1985 Betty lands her most popular role to date! “Golden Girls” becomes a huge sensation and Betty White becomes a name we will never forget! Still blonde, and still short. I guess longer hair was never in her cards! That pop of lip color is gorgeous though!



Betty shows her true colors! Silver hair never looked more flattering on anyone! After her super-bowl commercial in 2010, Betty White becomes a bigger sensation than anyone ever expected!



Today, at 88 years old..she now has her own sitcom “Hot In Cleveland”. Going back to blonde might mean they really do have more fun? And don’t you just love her hot pink lips?