Updos vs. Downdos

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As a stylist who is booked almost every weekend with weddings I get asked this question a lot- “Which do you prefer: Updos, or downdos?” My answer has always been the same, and always WILL be the same…UPDOS!  There are many reasons for my answer.

For one, it’s a long day! You’re looking at hours upon hours of lasting time. From the time you get ready, walk down the isle, say “I do”, take your photos, have your first dance, cut your cake, and dance on the dance floor you are looking at at least 10-12 hours! It’s almost impossible for your “down in curls” look to last that long. When your hair is placed into an updo, it can last all day. You could even wake up the next morning and most of the time it will still almost look perfect.

Another reason I like updos better; they stay off your face and neck while you’re running around taking photos or while your jumping around the dance floor so you’ll stay much cooler. Less sweat means less of a chance for your hair to droop, and less of a chance of your make-up to drip off.

Some people might say that if you’re doing an outside beach themed wedding, that down and flowy hair is perfect for that.  Okay, but what happens if the wind picks up? Now your beautiful flowy hair is a knotted mess and all stuck to your lipstick. If you get caught in the rain at all, they curls are gonna become a stringy mess. And if its hot or humid out, your hair is gonna droop faster than you can say “I do”.

Now, while these are very practical reasons, my number one reason for choosing an updo over it being down is all about the look.  To me a bride is not a bride with her hair down. There is just an elegance that an updo brings to a bride that wearing it down simply can’t accomplish. An updo can really pull everything together if done right. Hair being down can take away from the dress, the make-up..and can sometimes over power the bride all together. There is also something very Sweet 16-like about a down in curls do. Wearing the hair up can be very sophisticated and very sexy.

I realize there are hair dressers out there that will totally disagree, and there are probably brides out there that wore their hair down and loved it…please remember this is just an opinion. I have seen brides looking beautiful with their hair down…but when asked my opinion, I will always answer “updo”!