Where do we draw the line?

Keyword: photoshop, celebrities

I have been known to take out a blemish here, or fix and awkward eye in a photo of myself before posting it for the world to see.  I can appreciate the art of photoshop.  But when it is taken to a level that makes it not resemble the person anymore, I have an issue with that!

Watching this video really puts things in perspective. Now, the acne…I get…for a major shoot I would photoshop that out too, but when you are making people appear skinnier (who already have amazing bodies to begin with), getting rid of their freckles, changing their make-up, skin tone, and hair…it just get’s so crazy!  What’s wrong with a little imperfection here and there?

Everyone has a little roll when they sit down!  I’m barely 100lbs and like to think I keep my body in good shape. Yet, when I have a pair of jeans on and I sit down in a relaxed position, I get a little roll over my pants.  It’s natural!  So why does that have to be airbrushed out?!

I guess this is an on going issue that us women are going to have to battle forever…and it will probably only get worse. But whenever you are feeling a little down about yourself, watch this video and remind yourself that even the ladies that appear to be “perfect” aren’t!  They are just like the rest of us!  They just have great make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers, and photoshop’ers’!