Champagne & Caviar Nails

Keyword: champagne, caviare, nail art, beads, gold polish


I saw this posted on last night and I knew it was the first thing I had to write about this morning. These are some high class nails! I’ve seen it done before, but this one just seems to stand in a class all it’s own. Good job PYP!



They started by painting their nails half gold and half black. It doesn’t have to be done perfectly since you will be covering it with the beads. Not going to lie though…I think this could be a great look even without the beads.  The black and gold go so well with each other (maybe because it was my high school colors hahaha!)



After they let that dry they used a top coat over the gold and immediately covered it with the gold beads.  Then did the same for the black. The results are pretty cool, don’t you think?


To find out what products they used to create this look, check them out at