It’s not just for your hair

Keyword: ombre, nail polish, ombre nails

We have discussed the ombre hair trend several times, but it doesn’t have to stop there!  Ombre nails are making their way in…so move over! There are two different ways to sport ombre nails.  You can start with your pinky nail being the darkest and move to lighter shades for each nail until you get the the thumb.


Or you can bleed each nail out from light to dark.  Whichever way you decide to rock the ombre, I am sure it will look fabulous!  The fading technique is a little harder to master. You want to start with painting your nail the lighter color.  Then while still wet, paint the tips a darker shade…then use clear base to bleed them together. The whole trick is to do everything while the colors are still wet!

  • Baylee

    The green and blue reminds me of the Tooth Fairy from the movie Rise of the Guardians (definitely google a picture of her to see)

    January 18 2013