It’s not just about black anymore

Keyword: smokey eye, eye shadow, make-up


A smokey eye is probably the most well known make-up look. It has been around forever and always seems to have a place on red carpets. I can’t tell you how many make-up clients sit in my chair and ask for a smokey eye. The truth is, smokey eyes have evolved.  It’s not just about grey and black any more!  DOn’t be afraid to add some color to your look!


Here we have a gorgeous blue smokey eye.  All that needs to change is the base color.  You still use the blacks and grays to “smoke” out the edges. Check out Eva Longoria rockin’ this look.  It’s stunning!!

Kim Kardashian likes to show off her green smokey eyes.  This one is like a forest green. I just love it!  You can also try an emerald green for a more jewel toned look.

If you are a girly girl, like me then you are going to want to try either a pink or a purple. I love how in this pink one the “smoke” is set just inside the pink perimeter! And the iridescenty  purple they used is killer!


I hope I inspired you to add a little color to your smokey eye combinations.  The options are limited!!  Make sure to send us pictures of your best work!