Or in this case, more  is waaaay too much!


Keyword: overkill hair, crazy hair

All of us at WeStyle are all for showing off our eccentric side but this is overkill. The leopard is cool, in fact I would totally rock that. But the pink, with the stripes, and the blue, and the black and white…I just don’t know where to look.  Seems that teens these days are trying way too hard to be different. What happened to trying to fit in?  I’ll admit, I had my crazy hair and make-up phase back in my teenage years. (I wore glitter in my hair as if I was some sort of fairy) I’d like to think I didn’t look this ridiculous though.



  • You Look So Freaking Good With That Hair Style It Look’s Amazing On You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

    August 31 2012